C'mon... Just Tri it.

Hampton Just Tri-It - Sunday June 8, 2014

The Hampton Ladies Triathlon is coming right up and we are really excited to be a part of this awesome race. Our whole team will be on site working with the competitors both before and after the race to help aid in performance & recovery of their muscles. 

I had competed in this race (with two other girlfriends) a few years ago and we had a blast! We entered as a team with my friend Adrienne (The female equivalent of Michael Phelps) as our swimmer, I tackled the Cycling portion, and my other friend Shelly brought us home with a great run performance. I can't remember how we placed, but I can remember that we all had a really fun time. If you ever wanted to dip your toe into an event/sport like Triathaloning, this is a great place to start. 

Massage at Sports Events

I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss on site Massage Therapy at events like the Tri-It. First of all, these are fun events for a therapist. You get the opportunity to work with multiple clients for short bursts, you are working with muscles that are about to be worked hard, or just have been worked hard, and as therapist, when you get caught up in all the action, you kinda feel like a Therapists for a major league athletic team. Working with clients at this time is the some of the most exciting for a therapist. 

The athletes may choose to get either a Pre-Event massage, some prefer Post Event, while some will get both. Both treatments play similar, yet slightly different functions. 

Pre-Event Massage 

~ Best time is 30 minutes prior to start.

~Therapist will prepare your muscles for high intensity work.

~ Therapist will not use deep pressure and will work at a faster tempo than usual. 

*A Pre-Event massage should not replace your warm up, it should compliment it. 

Post Event Massage

~ Perform post-event massage 30 minutes to 24 hours after the event

~A shorter massage on the muscles used in the sports activity (don’t over-do it)

~Focus on effleurage, petrissage and broadening compression 

~ Therapists should check-in with the client about pressure often

~ Utilize stretching to restore the muscles to their normal resting lengths

First Time..? 

If you have never had a massage at an event as a participant, here is a couple things to expect:

1. Massages are typically 5-10 minutes

2. You leave all your Clothes on

3. There is typically no cost

4. Don't worry about being "Sweaty", Therapists are used to it and don't think anything of it. Also, they will clean the table and their hands very thoroughly between massages.

For additional Information on the Hampton Just Tri-It you can check out:

The Event Facebook Page

Fundy Sport & Tourism has a great page outlining the event, you can find that here.

Also, Michelle Audas wrote an inspiring Blog about the event as well, you can read that here

If you would like to Volunteer at the event, please contact garth@seelystreet.com


I will leave you with some action shots of my Just Tri-It experience, I had a blast!

Hope to see you there too!

Just Tri It 2009

Just Tri It 2009